All Aboard! This Train is Leaving the Station

all_aboard1Yes Sir! is up and rolling down the tracks with 5 followers now! There is no stopping us now. Well there is grass that needs cutting, garden to plant and I do need to prepare for a group of homeschooler’s Geocaching tomorrow. But nevertheless, I am a husband of a homeschooling mom and I will post more. Right after I finish my chores!

Husbands, what kind of things are you pushing off too much around your house that needs to be done? You know, those things that would make the wife or kids just melt in your arms. Surprise them and do one or even some of them! There is this day coming around on Sunday that you could do it for… HINT HINT! But really you don’t need any reason other than you are the husband of a homeschooling mom! Now let’s all get to work!

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