Been Fishin’ Lately?

Recently I heard a song that really hit home with me. Country singing artist Trace Adkins has a song called “Just Fishin'”. It tells the story of a dad and his daughter going “fishing”. Yet there is more going on here than just fishing.


Dads, I am learning that we only get a little amount of time with our kids. They grow up so fast and we are there to see it, but are we really there? They are fishing for us when they are young and we as dads are fishing for them as they get older. “Can you play with me dad?” “Can you play a board game with me daddy?” “Want to play hide and seek daddy?” You hear these words and many times we as dads look at them and say “Not now, daddy’s tired.” I have learned that you can be tired and sorry that you missed the moment or you can be tired and more tired and happy that you were there at the moment your kids wanted you there.

I have watched and talked to other parents about their kids and they all say “I wish I had spent more time”. At this point they are fishing and trying to catch some time with their kids. They hook their kids with an event or game for only a short time and like a bass that shakes that lure out of it’s mouth, they soon disappear again.

Sitting there you may be thinking that it’s to late to “go fishing”. On some levels it may be. Yet, as long as there is breath within the two of you, go! Topics may have changed but your kids want some time with you, dad. They just want time with you that they can talk and not be judged, corrected or condemned. There will be time for all of that, but for a short amount of time just give them an ear and the heart of a dad.

With all of that said, I am sneaking off early Monday morning to do just this with my two boys. While working on the garden today they uncovered 25 to 30 grub worms. So, not to let good bait go to waste I asked them if the three of us could get up early and sneak out for about two hours of “Just Fishin'”

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