Geocaching and A Godly Woman

After a wonderful night’s sleep at the Ho-Jo we all awoke in preparation for a continental breakfast. Mind you, this is not what this husband is used to! I guess that I have become spoiled with the wonderfully delicious food that my wife makes. I am talking about a woman who grinds her own flour to make bread, pancakes and all sorts of delights. She also makes this baked oatmeal that is pure heaven! But I digress and let’s return to today.

After finishing a decent breakfast, we ventured off to do some Geocaching. This is a great way to teach kids about navigation, cartography, puzzle solving, nature, plant identification, animal identification and occasionally first aid. We made quick work of three caches hidden in a beautiful park. While doing this the homeschooling mom busted out in a quick class of identifying trees by the flowers falling from them. Soon it started to drizzle and rain as we walked through the park. I looked over at my homeschooling wife and my heart swelled 10 times over like the Grinch as my wife just smiled and walked with me hand in hand.

You know husbands, you got something special in a homeschooling wife that most people out there do not have. In my life she is the Proverbs 31 woman. Her children do rise up and call her blessed, she carries wisdom and loving instruction on her tongue and she is the only one of whom I truly trust with my heart. So husbands of a homeschooling mom, stand proud of the woman that God has blessed you with and show her some support and love.

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