Helping Husband or Hindering Husband?

Okay husbands out there, got a question for you. Are you a helping husband or a hindering husband? Many times we as husbands turn out to be hindering, hurting and harmful to the work of your wife. from what my wife and I have talked before, by listening to other moms and from things that were discussed during the Teach Them Diligently Conference, here are a few things that you may want to think about.

1. Are you helping your wife by letting her teach?
o Try not to call during school hours unless there is an emergency or a time that you have scheduled.
o Check to see if school is done for the day when you come home. Nothing like being in the middle of a lesson and dad walking in to add a huge distraction!

2. She is a homeschooling mom, not Superwoman!
o Guys you got to remember that she is doing all she can and some days it is just not enough. Step in and step up to help her out. Sweep the floor, wash some clothes (and put them up) or maybe pick up some dinner for the family one night (if within budget).

o When was the last time you prayed for your wife before you left the house in the morning? With you being the spiritual leader of the household, it is your responsibility to pray for your wife each and every day.
o Appreciate your wife daily. Let her hear words of affirmation and kindness. Most women have self- doubt about the work they are doing with the kids and need to know that you are supporting them!

4. Don’t make her do it alone.
o Share with the kids some of your abilities. You may be able to take them aside and teach them about something you are passionate about. With a little though, you can teach something about fishing, hunting, cleaning the carburetor on the go-cart (stupid ethanol gas).
o Are you stronger than your wife in a subject? Then be the teacher of that subject!

5. “What about this curriculum?”
o When she asks this question, don’t run, listen. This is one of my hardest things to do. My wife loves to go into detail (extreme detail) about everything. I am learning to listen, be patient and attempt to retain what she is talking about.
o Everyday your wife is teaching, thinking, looking at curriculum. It is always with her in some way or fashion. Take the time to help her in making some decisions on your kids’ education!

6. Dad, bar the door
o Let your wife have some quiet time! Grab the kids and leave the house sometimes. Run some errands, pay some bills or take the kids on a fieldtrip or go anywhere without mom. She is with them all day through all the fussing, questions and sightings of squirrels running around outside. Let her have a no-kid and no-husband time for a bit.

7. Schedule
o Help her schedule the homeschooling so she does not burn out! There is 4-H, Karate, Food Co-Op, Writing Co-Op and Mom Meetings that take away time from your wife. You need to help her see that she may be over committing herself in her homeschooling. If you do not, you will be spending more time at #6!

Now, I am not saying that I excel at what I have just posted above, but I am trying. If there is just one of these things that you can do I know that your wife would love to see it happen. You’re the husband of a homeschooling mom, take care of her!

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