I Am Not Ashamed to Be a Dad! – Part 2

Later this year I will have the honor of speaking at a Men’s Conference at my home church. The 2013 Why Me? Men’s Conference will be August 9th & 10th and I will be speaking on something near and dear to my heart, being a dad. The title of my talk those two days will be “I Am Not Ashamed to be a Dad!” There are many things that I am to a lot of people. However I place the title of “Dad” above all but “Husband” and “Child of God”. Over the next few Monday’s I will be posting parts of my class on here for the dads and Husbands of Homeschooling moms. I would love to see you there if you can make it, but if not, here is one of the classes…


  1. 1 Timothy 5:8 ~ But if anyone does not provide for his own, that is how own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever

Fathers must be concerned about their families, especially their immediate family. The context of this verse speaks to monetary provision. If we have money in our savings, and our immediate family is in need, we should prayerfully consider our role in helping. We don’t turn a blind eye to a brother who is thrown in the street. So, money is part of the provision equation. But that is not where it stops for a father. The old saying “I make the money; she makes the home” is quite unbibilical. In fact, the woman is not called to be the sole homemaker, but there is a partnership between husband and wife in raising the children. They are a team that should not be separated.

Dads, do you kids know that you are very concerned about them? Your greatest responsibility on this earth is not at the office. It’s at home. This is hard isn’t it? Personally, I have found that computers, cell phones and televisions can be a tempting distraction from the children who sit at my feet and say my name over and over again. This is not good. Those kids need our eyes and our ears.

Do you know what is going to drive me crazy about my kids? It’s going to drive me insane when they want to spend every waking moment on the phone with their friends, when they want to send text messages while driving, when they want to avoid the family by hopping on the internet. And right now, why wouldn’t they? I modeled that all the time. I am changing that. I want to be a dad who is there for my kids. Do your kids know that you are concerned about them?

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