Whiteboard = Happy Wife

Alright husbands of homeschooling mom’s, we have all heard the never ending plea for a whiteboard. “You don’t understand, I need it to do math, a word wall, science…” the list goes on and on. Looking on the wonderful internet at whiteboards, I found them ranging from $50 for some paneling to $600 for glass!! I was thinking who would want a $600 glass whiteboard and what would you do with it?? Turns out MY WIFE wanted the $600 glass whiteboard!!

Well guys, me being the kind hearted, generous, loving husband I am, looked at her with hope swelling up on her face and simply told her “You are simply crazy. There is no way we are getting something like that.” So, this prompted my lovely, frugal, penny pinching wife to do some thinking into how she could get a $600 glass whiteboard.

Husbands of homeschooling mom’s out there, I understand your tight budget and your desire to give your wife everything that she needs to fulfill her desire to teach the kids in your house. That is why I am going to let you in on a secret that you can do for your wife and score some major points! My wife now has her $600 glass whiteboard for $110 and that includes hardware to hang it!  You too can have 71″ x 33 1/2″ of tempered, frosted glass hanging on your wall and making your wife very happy.



This is how it went :

Step 1 – Trip to IKEA

Going to Ikea you can purchase a  70″ x 33 1/2″ tempered, frosted glass table top for $93~$94.

Step 2 – Trip to local hardware store

Attempted to get the hanging hardware from one of the big box stores, but had no luck.  I needed something with a bit more durability and ventured to a local place to get the hardware and screws.

Step 3 – Find the studs and get things level

Getting things level

Getting things level

Step 4 – Remove anything else from the wall

This was a rather agravating issue for me.  The thermostat for the heating and air was located just to the right of the proposed whiteboard location.  Just to make things even better a tripple gain box was also to the right.  One thing about glass, it does not like to bend.  So after removing the thermostat and light switches and wrapping all exposed wires to protect the back side of the glass, we were ready for the next step.

Step 5 – Hanging the beast (or whiteboard)

Hardware up and ready

Hardware up and ready

This blasted thing was heavy!  I placed 5 hangers at the bottom and two at the top.  We placed the glass in the first hanger and moved it to the left and started through the hangers.  Inch by inch we slid this glass across the wall.  We used some of the foam wrapping material and white duct tape to cover the screws of the hardware so again we did not scratch the back of the glass.  It took both of us working to get this thing across the hanging brackets smoothly.  I also left some of the packing foam in the hangers to keep from scratching the glass on the bottom as well.  This was later trimmed on the sides so it does not show.

Step 6 – Rewire everything

I am a civil engineer, not an electrical engineer.  Therefore, I take photos of anything I am messing with that involves wires.  I have learned this through the school of hard knocks and big shocks!

Step 7 – Clean up and admire

Whiteboard finished!

Whiteboard finished!

And there it is finished and everything rewired and working.  After it was placed there the kids went crazy wanting to draw and then spell! The wife is calling out spelling words for 20 minutes or more and the kids are having a fit to spell at 10:00 PM. Of course she is trying to count it as school time for next year, but they were having fun!

So husbands of homeschooling mom’s out there, think about a surprise for your wife during the break before the next school year begins.  She would be totally blown away with you doing this type of project for her.  And who knows, it may even get you a point or two for the next time you call her crazy!

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