Book Review ~ Raising Real Men

Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching And Appreciating Boys

In 2012 my wife got this book for me and it made me wake up and pay a bit more attention to how I was raising my sons and what I wanted them to become, real men. The authors Hal & Melanie Young go through different examples of real men throughout history. They show you how to look beyond the worldly view of your son and see the view of what God wants your son to be. Real stories of how young sons became heroes and how their life was changed at an early age. It gives you ways to help your son be able to stand on their own when the time comes, ways that will improve your son’s learning ability and why it is important to build a work ethic. This book will challenge you to release your child to his danger side to climb tall trees, jump ditches and test the limits of being brave. One of the thoughts through the book is biblical responsibility.

Luke 16:10
Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much,…

From competition to finances to doing “woman’s work”, it’s all in here and how it relates to your sons. Don’t just survive raising boys, succeed at it and learn how to love them as they really are.

No matter how much mothers and sons may be alike, they are likely to be very different in some important ways that will really impact their homeschooling together. (p. 153)

Our focus must be on leading our sons into godly manhood, not just trying to manage them to make our lives convenient and more pleasant. (p. 25)

Some folks would feel sorry for the poor kids giving up their free time to work, denying themselves all the fun they could have had with that money. Somehow, it’s doubtful Christ would share that perspective. (p. 122)

We need to be careful of thinking or saying that a decision is probably right because that’s the way it’s always been, or that’s the way we were raised, or the way our parents did it.  We’re called to live lives that are holy, set apart from the world’s expectations, so we have to question things more than our neighbor.(p. 189)

So I challenge you to read this book and get yourself ready to start “Raising Real Men

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