Geocaching is a Global Positioning Satellite(G.P.S.) treasure hunt. By going to the previous link, you will be redirected to the Geocaching site. There you can sign up for a free account and begin a quest that will slowly suck you into a new world of adventure for you and your kids! Using either a handheld G.P.S. unit, smart phone or some even go with a car G.P.S. (not very accurate) you input the coordinates and venture forth to find the cache. Now the word is pronounced like “cash”. Just so you don’t sound like your after some strange french thing hidden out in plain sight. Caches come in all sizes from a micro to a large size. The larger ones can hold “swag” within the containers. You are allowed to swap the swag once you find it. This is where the kids have the most fun. Once it has been found, you return to the internet page and log that you have found it! You will be most surprised to find how many caches are located very close to you right now. So go out there and give it a try, who knows, you may see me!

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There are a few rules though!

  1. Once you find it, you must put it back just as it was or better. However, do not move it to another place or make it harder to get.
  2. Don’t get caught! People who do not Geocache are refered to as “Muggles”. It may terrify them to find out that small containers are all around them that they never knew anything about. When you have a run in with the police, if this never happens to you please tell me how, explain everything.
  3. If you take something, replace it with something of equal value or greater value!
  4. Most important rule ~ Have fun!

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