Musical Monday

The first day of the work week is now Musical Monday! Monday is usually a day that most people hate to see arive! It sort of creeps out of the night and wakes you up early on…yeah, Monday! But, according to the Mamas & The Papas, Monday mornings are so good to me! However, most of us have Monday’s like the Bangles talk about. Now Fleetwood Mac has a better outlook on Monday’s, which appears to be totaly opposite of Tegan and Sara.  So, when you are putting on your Hush Puppies like Jimmy Buffett on a Monday morning and heading out to San Francisco, just hope it is not a rainy day and Monday.  Or even worse a Stormy Monday!  But there is nothing you can do, it is Monday all day.  For 24 hours it is a Permanent Monday.  Just remember that On a Monday it will eventually start to end and there will be a New Moon On Monday and it will bring this Blue Monday to an end.

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