N is for Night Time Prayers

Eveningprayers1Hey Dad’s out there! I hope that you all had a great weekend and an awesome Father’s Day, I know that I did! In keeping with the “Blogging through the Alphabet” event, I am covering the letter N.

N is for night time prayers.
For the next few nights I am off at a CentriKid camp with a bunch of great kids from my church. As I was sending them off to bed, I reminded them to say their prayers. Some people may say that is nothing more than just a quick cover before you go to bed, but I can say, not to these kids. I got five boys that I am sharing a two rooms with and these kids are changing before me. We have only been at this camp for 8 hours and I have seen a change of attitude and respect in these boys. You can also see it in their eyes when they ask you to pray for them when they are going to sleep. That is when I gladly get down with them and pray. These are not my actual kids, but I claim them as my kids when they are in my care. And it is a special thing to have a kid ask you to pray for them. It is a sign of trust and comfort that they hold toward you.

Dads, do you kids see you pray? Do they see you humble yourselves before the Creator of the universe as you praise, glorify and ask for help in your life? Prayer is an opportunity for us as the leaders of our house to step up and ask the ultimate leader of all things to show us the way that we may show others. We as men at times don’t like to ask for directions when we are traveling. Let me tell you men, when it comes to me leading my kids through life, I will stop, no matter where I am and ask God for direction. We as dad’s only get one chance to make the right decisions in life with our kids. When I get that chance in my kids life, I make sure that I talk to the one who built the road of life and I ask for direction. Do you dad?

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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