O is for Only One Time

Am I the only husband out there that has a summer that seems booked up more than normal? Guy’s I don’t know what is going on, but it seems that I am needed somewhere everyday and I am not at home! This is not a good thing after some time. But we all get a little busy in the summer, right?

Being a husband and dad is tough enough when things are going smooth. It get tougher when we start adding in extra events and trips on the already hectic schedule. For example, last week I was at a CentriKid youth camp, my Saturday was gone before I even realized it was Saturday, on Sunday I teach kids in my church an now this week I am VBS’ing (yep, just made that word up!). Life seems to fly by us so fast and furiously, that we miss out on it, even when we are there.

If you are a husband and dad like me, when I am doing something, I am also doing something else in my mind. Working on a house problem, preparing lessons, thinking about bills, remembering I would help the wife, or do a game with the kids and I am not really where I need to be. Guy’s we only get one time to experience life with our family! Only one time to play Candy Land, play catch with the boys or hold the wife close and watch the sun set.

We as the husbands and dads who are supposed to lead and guide our family need to be there to do just that. We need to turn off the iPhone, email, radio or television and turn our attention on to our family. I am a Trekkie at heart and there is a quote in the Star Trek movie Generations that states “Time is the fire in which we burn”. It is a rather true statement. Once an event has happened, it is “burned up”.

So, husband of a homeschooling mom and all dad’s out there, take the time to be with your family, love your family and enjoy the time you are with your family. We all only get to do this only once!

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