Quick Review of Wits and Wagers

Ever been sitting around your house and wished you had a good or even a great game to play with everyone? I know that I have many a time. Well here is a list of some games that has been tested and approved by this husband of a homeschooling mom!

Wits & Wagers

20130503-224540.jpg A great game for the whole family is Wits & Wagers! We purchased this game during one of our trips where we did not bring anything to do when it started raining (check the forecast before you travel guys!). A great game of trivia and math. Easy enough for a 7 year old and fun enough for a 40 year old. Even if you have no idea what the answer may be you can still guess and then bet on an answer that someone else put down or even one that no one did. A game for up to 7 individuals at a time or as few as 2. Wits & Wagers has won over 20 awards including the Mensa Select award, the Board Game Geek 2007 Party Game of the Year, and GAMES Magazine 2007 Party Game of the Year.

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