Same Fruit…New Way

During my lunch I found something rather strange while perusing through the internet. As I was about to bite into an apple, a video of how to eat an apple appears on the sidebar of my screen. Fate? Luck? (I don’t believe in luck) So it had to be” What is this?”

Yes there is a video of everything that you can think of today on the internet. Some are helpful and some…I’ll never understand. But today I saw something that I must pass along to you husband of a homeschooling mom. I thought the day when I learned how to open a banana without ripping it to pieces was great. Now, I know how to eat an apple like a boss!
Now that you are more enlightened in the realm of eating apples, take some time and go show your kids. Take part of #4 of an earlier post. Just remember, don’t eat the seeds, I knew of this guy that did and a tree started growing in his stomach.

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