Morning Question

Men, I have a question for you. Better yet, I have a question that I want you to ask yourself each day when you wake up. “How can I bless my wife today?” As the husband of a homeschooling mom, I get up around 5:00 and start my day while my wife and kids sleep on to sometime around 7:00. During this time of quietness and solitude each morning I get the chance to pray and asking God to protect my house, keep my kids and lift up my wife. Are you lifting your wife up in word and deed? Are you taking an active role in blessing your wife?

Many men will stop and say “Yeah, I bless her with my appearance each and every day. What more do I need to do?” Are you listening to her? Comforting her? Helping her around the house? Doing some teaching during the school year and being involved in the homeschooling? Are you praying for her? Are you being your wife’s knight in shining armor? Are you loving her the way that Christ loved the church?handspray

Isn’t your wife worth doing all of this and more? I know that mine is.

Proverbs 31:28
28 Her sons rise up and call her blessed.
Her husband also praises her:

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