History Anyone? – Free Today!

If you are looking for a nice history app that does a decent job of covering the Constitution, then check this out! Free today is Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER. This is an iPad app in which kids will learn all about the battle to write, ratify and enforce the Constitution of the United States, as they delve into this critical issue in American History. Take an in-depth look at the ratification struggle, learn about the Bill of Rights, and discover how amendments are proposed and incorporated into legislation. It is for a reading level of upper elementary and middle school.

Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER (iTunes)

Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER

Kids will learn about:
What is the Constitution?
the Constitutional Convention
Articles, Sections, and Clauses
Who Supported the Constitution
The Bill of RIghts
Other Changes to the Constitution
The Supreme Court

It also features:
Interactive 3-D models
High-Def video and audio
Hi-res photographs, cartoons, and animations
Easy-to-read, accessible writing
Quizzes, puzzles, and other fun games

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