It’s A Dad’s Life

What is your life like guys? Are you the chauffeur, gardener, grill master extraordinaire? Does your yard look better than all the neighbors? Do you pride yourself in the way you look and dress? Is your “Man Cave” maxed out with all the best audio and visual equipment that money can buy? If so, check this out…

That video shows what life could be like for most dads. We all go through different stages of life that show us in each of those categories. But the category that they did not show was the dad who sits down and reads the Bible with their kids, prays with their kids or plays with their kids. That is the dad that I want to be! I want my kids to look back at their dad’s life and say that he showed me love, he was there, we had a great time and most of all he showed me Jesus! So guys as you think about what you are doing this coming weekend don’t forget to show the love of Jesus in there.

Also, if you are going to be in the middle of Georgia this weekend, there is a great conference for men this weekend. The “Why Me? Men’s Conference”. There will be great food, music and speakers on Friday night and on Saturday till 3:00 or so. The cost is $40 which includes your meals. I would love to see you there. If you are not able to make it, I have place some of what I will be talking about on the blog here under the Why Me? section.

You know that you want to say it....


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