It’s Your Home School Dad – Part 1

One of the biggest thoughts of the homeschooling movement is that it is mostly a women’s movement, at least in the schoolroom and in daily operation. In the day to day battle of disciplining, scheduling, planning, teaching, organizing and encouraging it is the mother who carries the load of the work, at least in the majority of homeschooling homes.

It is true that we as dads often assume the title or role of “Principal” of our home school. We recognize that we are in the position of leadership in the family. Yet, all too often, this remains simply an imaginary title we wear as our wives actually do all the work. Most of us would not even question this arrangement. After all we fathers are out there, busy earning a living to support the family, and this takes us away from the home for most of the day. So if homeschooling is going to happen at all, it is going to have to be the responsibility of our wives, not us as dads, right?

If you believe that dad, I got a bridge that allows you to drive to Hawaii, and I want to sell you!

Part 2 of 6 on Wednesday.

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