It’s Your Home School Dad – Part 2

You Are Responsible

Here is the absolute truth dads, you are TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for your home school.



No matter what to what level your involvement is today with the process of education in your home, the fact remains that everything that happens in your house is your responsibility. If your wife has chosen the curriculum for the children—that is your decision. If she is failing adequately to teach one of the kids his math, that is your failure. If your son has an attitude problem with his mid-day chores, you are responsible. Are you catching on to who is responsible here? Are you starting to see whose shoulders the responsibility of homeschooling is resting on?

Let’s put it this way, imagine the God stops by for a visit at your house. This is just a check up visit to see how thing are going in your house with you, the wife, the kids and other things in the household. Who do you think He is going to check with? He is going to walk past the kids still doing the schooling and the wife trying to teach him and moves on into the living room and finds you. He would then look you in the eye and ask for an accountability of the running of your house.

Quickly, your mind starts to race and come up with reasons of why you have been so buys with daily life and the needs to make a living that you have given the responsibility of homeschooling to your wife. You notice that as you point to the kitchen where she is sitting and still working on the homeschooling, His head does not turn but stays focused on you. He looks at you as though you are the responsible one in this house and for all that happens in the house. And you know what dad? You are!

So tell me, how does that hit you? Dad’s I am just as liable to pass on responsibility to another person as the next man to avoid responsibility. However, this principle is clearly taught in God’s word. It is there to make sure that we do not become complacent in our life and that we do what we are supposed to do. You know it is easy to say we forgot something that we are told. However, it is hard to say that we forgot something that is written for us, placed in a book that we are supposed to be reading, in a job description that we are supposed to be following. So let’s look there to see what God has to say to us dads.

There is a principle called the “Rule of first mention”. This “rule” requires you to go to that portion of the Scriptures where a doctrine is mentioned for the first time and to study the first occurrence of the same in order to get the fundamental inherent meaning of that doctrine. In other words, the place to start is at the starting point! For this, the book of Genesis, and in particular its account of man’s creation and fall into sin. Here we see the corner-stone principles which tell us the role of the man in his home. We can learn a lot from our first father, for better and for worse.

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