BLT Trim Healthy Mama Style

Ok guys I know what you are thinking. This is a guys homeschool blogging site to help us guys understand our wife’s and homeschooling. However today he is talking about Trim Healthy Mama! Here is the explanation. My dear darling wife has jumped on the Trim Healthy Momma way of eating and I must say it has been rather good. It is not some crazy diet, but a change of eating habits. I still have fried foods, I still eat meat, I even have ice cream. However, it is the combinations of what I eat together that makes the difference. There are S meals, E meals, FP meals Cross over meals and much more, but it works. My wife is saying that I am her Trim Hunky Man now. Ohh Yeah! Better than a Thick Chunky Man.

Either way, here is an example of a true southern delight made in the Trim Healty Mama style. This creation is using:
1. Joseph’s pita
2. A slight amount of mayo
3. 2 pieces of bacon
4. 2 leafs of romain lettuce
5. 2. slices of tomato

Check back later guys and find some easy to fix meals for your ladies using the Trim Healthy Mama style!

Guys, if you are looking for the Trim Healthy Mama book for your wife, here it is. book

Or maybe the Kindle edition

BLT Trim Healthy Mama Style

BLT Trim Healthy Mama Style

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