Too Much Technology?

For those who know me this would seem like the ultimate contradiction! The day when I would question if we are surrounded by too much technology. Cell phones, smart phones, iPads, Kindles, tablets of all types, bluetooth gadgets, computers, laptops, game systems and everything wireless, everywhere you look there it is! In the livingroom, kitchen, bedroom, on the road, in the restaurants and stores it is an inescapable thing. Convenient? Yes. Becoming a nuisance? YES!

Too Much Technology?

Too Much Technology?

There was a time when people would just sit down and talk to one another instead of text back and forth across a room. To see someone, you had to actually get off your assets and physically go see them. Now you simply start an app or a program and poof, you are looking at the person on the other side of the globe and having a video chat with them. The only thing missing from the Jetson’s is the car that fly! I think that the government has that, but the oil companies have it stopped for now.

I want the time of the Flintstones to come back for a while. Okay, maybe not that far back. Let’s say the 1950’s or so. Just to see what would happen to people when they can not get to the store because the GPS does not work or they can not call ahead for their food. Kids and adults would have to go outside and play instead of being a demigod of their own Minecraft world. People actually go by and visit each other to talk and learn about what has been going on in the neighborhood or town.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a tech junkie myself. I am not saying that we should all trash everything that has a computer or is electronic. I am not wanting a scenario like the show Revolution to happen to stop all of society and suddenly we are all thrown back into the middle ages. I am wanting a limit on the technological invasion into my life. Maybe it is because I am getting older and I see what technology does to a younger mind. Maybe it is because my kids would sit and stare into the endless eye of video games all day if I let them. Maybe because at times we are all in the same room doing our own thing and not noticing each other even being in the same room.

But the reality of it all is technology is here. And it is here to stay. Unless there is a huge EMP bomb that actually does throw us back into a pre-technological age. It is a tool and we must remember that. It is great for the medical field, education, new discoveries and everything that I dislike it for. But the fact remains that it is a tool and like every tool there is a time and a place for it to be used.

Being a husband of a homeschooling mom I see the greatness of technology in my kids life. They can do math programs that evaluate their progress and add more difficult problems as they progress. They are learning to type on the computer and can talk with their friends on book reports or science experiments. My wife can check out curriculums or see what others think about them before buying them. My family can go “visit” places through the use of technology that we could not visit otherwise. We just have to remember to learn how and when to use the tools that we have been given in life.

Till next time be good and let God be great!

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