How Are You Filtering?

What is your mesh size? Are you a 250 micron or a 100 micron? Are you a sand or ball? Do you have a UV light installed or not? Because dad, what I am asking you is how are you filtering what enters your home?

Home ~ a place of safety, security and comfort. A place where love abides, laughter flow, and barriers can be let down.

How Are You Filtering?

How Are You Filtering?

A place where you and your family should be able to discuss the events of life openly and freely. However, in today’s society, parents are not filtering what is allowed in their home. The cultural shift of this generation is eroding and tearing away the filtration of our homes to the point where it is becoming normal to see and hear things that we did not some years ago.

For example. If you were to take a frog and place him in a pot of water and let him sit on the stove. He would just float in the water as nothing is wrong. If you were to turn on the stove and let the water start heating up, still the frog would sit there and act as if nothing is happening. Since the temperature of the water is slowly changing the temperature of the frog, he notices nothing until it is too late. Now, take another frog, and have your water boiling. If you were to drop the frog in the water, he would do what ever is necessary and possible to get out!

Dads, have we allowed our family to be slowly boiled? Have we allowed our filters of protection to get to worn that they don’t work? Have you, not the wife or the kids, become a person that reads, looks at, listens to, and does things that you used to not do? I am asking about personal accountability here.

I asked in the beginning about what type of filter you are. Each of those filters are great filters depending on the job that there are being used on. I would not suggest that you use a 250 micron filter on a swimming pool if you want the water to continue to circulate for long. However, you can use a ball type media for the filtration in a fish tank. It all depends on what you are trying to filter and the desired result is in the end.

Have you had your kids come home wearing a shirt that was a bit on the edge or advertising a product that you disagree with? Would look at it and maybe snicker a bit and give your kids a slap on the back? Would you take them to the side and ask them why there were wearing it and explain what it says and shows about their faith?

Some people may think that I am being a bit extreme in my thinking on filtering. But from what I read in the Bible :

Proverbs 22:6

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
6 Teach a youth about the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.

I think that it is up to me to be the filter in the house and not the world. If we as dads do not do some type of filtering for our kids, they will never know what is right or wrong. We already have a generation that is slowly slipping away into a cultural shift. But I can say that my kids are being filtered out of that shift through my responsibility. What about yours?

Till next time guys,

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