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Hey guys, I have a special treat for you today! Todd Wilson from FamilyMan Ministries has sent in a great and very insightful blog post for all men! When you finish up here, take a gander over at Todd’s site and check out the great Christmas ideas he has going. I will personally vouch for the crafts, daily calendar and To Bethlehem game!

Todd Wilson ~ Familyman Ministries

Todd Wilson – Familyman Ministries

Hey Dad,

Here’s my homeschool wisdom for dads summed up in one simple phrase, “Keep your mouth shut!” I’m not saying you shouldn’t encourage your homeschooling wife often, I’m just saying that in many situations you’d be wise to just keep your mouth shut.

The thing is we can do a lot of damage when we…open our mouths. My wife reminded me of that just this afternoon.

It’s been hectic around the old Wilson house the last few weeks, and our normally neat and orderly home is getting a little out of control. In fact, the messes are starting to get to us, and I’m starting to refer to my kids as “pigs” under my breath.

Can’t they take off their shoes and at least leave them within a few feet of each other, and why do I find socks…EVERYWHERE? And another thing; you’d think that when someone eats the last cracker in a box that said person would throw away the box, but noooooooo…it just gets put right back in the cabinet.

So, as I was walking through the old pig pen, I announced to no one and to everyone, “This house is a PIT!!!” Later, I said it again, and my wife said to me nicely, “I asked Katherine (our 16-year-old daughter) why it bothers me so much when you make that comment,” and she answered, “Because it sounds like he’s saying that you’re doing a terrible job keeping the house clean.”

Ouch! I can totally understand that though, so I’m going to try to…keep my mouth shut!!

You know, maybe we do this too often, Dad. We see our messy house, a thrown together dinner meal, or our child who seems to be behind his peers, and WE OPEN OUR MOUTHS AND COMMENT. Now we may not be blaming anyone in particular, but our wives FEEL like we are.

So Dad, next time you feel that frustration rising up your spine towards your face, “Keep your mouth shut.”
You can do it…and so can I,

You ‘da dad,

Thanks Todd for giving us a bit of helpful advice on the most troublesome part of most men, our mouth. What we think is one thing, however when we say it, there is no way of retrieving the words and erasing them from a person’s mind. So guys, let’s remember this important lesson especial with the upcoming holidays! Although you will be with your in-laws and out-laws, remember what Todd said, and you should stay out of the dog house.

Till next time!
I’m just a Husband Of A HomeSchooling Mom,

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