The Race – Part 1 – On Your Mark

“On Your Mark”

In a few months, I will be hearing those words in my head. I will be running in “The Color Run” in Atlanta with some friends and getting hit with corn starch from head to toe! Last year was my first time running a race on purpose. On a regular note, if I am running, the best thing that you can do is to run as well. If I run that means something is chasing me! But when 9:00 comes on that morning in April, I will hear in my head, “On Your Mark”…

Are you prepared to run the race?

Are you prepared to run the race?

But dads out there, I got a question for you. When we get up each day, isn’t that basically what we are doing? To be on your mark means that we are preparing for a race, getting to our starting point, and placing our body in the position to begin a race. In the traditional style, the runners will place one foot on a starting block and get in a stance with their hands resting on the ground and looking ahead at their goal. As a dad I need to start each day in my starting position, on my knees.

A dad runs a tough race, and to run that race, we need to be in a good starting position. Runners have made false starts because they thought they were ready and were not in tune with what was happening around them. Runners have stumbled and fell because when the start happened, they were not fully prepared. Some have gotten distracted while starting and fell behind. Where are you when it comes to starting? Have you stumbled and fell, started to soon, or do you listen for the signal to go?

Each day we should get in the starting position on our knees and pray to the One Creator of the universe, the One Holy and Almighty God. We should be listening to Him as we prepare for the race that day. It will usually last around seventeen to eighteen hours when we start each day and there will be hurdles and obstacles that will need to be jumped over or dodged. The great thing is that when you are talking to God about the upcoming day, He will prepare you for those hurdles and obstacles. He will give you guidance when you need it most as you prepare to make the moves in the race of life each and every day.

So dads, there is a new day coming in a few hours. You will wake up and the race will begin within the first few steps of your day. Will you take the time and prepare yourself? Will you get into position when you hear the words in your head…”Dad, On Your Mark!”

Till next time,
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,

Steve Blackston

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