Beauty lies in the eyes of YOU DAD!

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” That is a famous quote that most of us have heard over the years. It comes from the the great Greek philosopher Plato. Today as I look around, I see commercials, magazines, books and television shows that attempt to tell our young girls what it means to be beautiful. You should wear this dress, shirt, shoes, or walk a certain way or even wear a particular perfume. But let me give you another option to all of this dad. Let your daughters beauty be shaped by the way that you see her and your wife! As your daughter grows up before your very eyes she will develop a self worth about her. A lot of this is based upon the affirmation that comes from you or that lack there of. Your daughter will be bombarded with photos of “beautiful” women and young ladies who have been idolized as the symbol of perfection. Your daughter will look at herself and then start a comparison between herself and the photos. Unless you have stepped into the life of your daughter at an early age and started to tell her how beautiful she is, she will be turning to someone or something else to get that feeling or affirmation. Sadly enough many times the dad is not there in the life of the girl. They stand up quickly in the life of the boy and will train him and mentor him, but believe that the girl is the responsibility of the mother. Note to dad : You were there at conception, Be there for her now! Your daughter will be looking to a male figure to show her love. This love can come from one of two places, you or someone else. I want my daughter to be one that knows what love is before some bubbling testosterone boy comes strutting his way into her life trying to tell her that he “loves” her. I want my daughter to be able to come to daddy when she needs to talk, cry, and have fun. I want to be able to share the moments of my daughters life with her when it counts.

Daddy / Daughter Date Night at Chick-Fil-A

Daddy / Daughter Date Night at Chick-Fil-A

Each February our local Chick-Fil-A does a father/daughter date night close to valentines day. I went online and made my reservations for my darling 5 year old and I to have a dressed up dinner. I was requested to wear a jacket and a tie and it should be something that matched her. I did so without question and we dined on chicken nuggets, waffle fries and chocolate milk. I played two of her favorite songs and we danced at the table while other just looked at us like we were crazy. We got our picture taken and then we drove home playing I spy. During that time, I told her how beautiful she looked. But although she is beautiful on the outside, it comes from or starts from within herself. This is based upon what you tell her as she grows up dad. Beauty comes from her self worth which is built upon your words. Your daughter will look to you as the first man that she loves. You need to be the man who will protect her, love her and build her up. Show her what a real man is like and how she as a lady should be treated. So when that hyper testosterone boy comes by, she can see through his fast words and can break his fast hands! That’s right boys, my girl takes karate and will defend herself if necessary! Dad, take the time to speak beauty into you daughter. Spend time with her at a dinner for just the two of you. Listen to her when she needs to talk. Be honest and truthful with her. Let her see Jesus in your actions toward her. Then watch as the most beautiful flower in the world blooms right in front of you and you realize that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”! Till next time, I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom. Steve Blackston

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