41 Years…Anyone Got Some Brakes??

Today I have made it to the celebration of my 41st year circling the sun. I remember in college that we learned the more mass an object has the faster it will travel while being pulled down my gravity. Evidently, I am picking up many things through out my life, because life is slowly starting to enter warp speed! Luckily over the past year I have picked up friends, family, memories, scars, and an assortment of other items along the way.

I have been blessed to see new sunrises and sunsets, play with my kids, and kiss my wife each day. I have had the joy of becoming the Children’s Pastor at my church, playing the part of Jesus in our play and baptizing my second son. I have survived a squished thumb while selling scrap metal and a busted knuckle while sword fighting my first son. I got to see DC in a town stopping snowstorm and play in the aftermath. Watch my boys shoot skeet, and my daughter ride a bike without training wheels. Been thankful for my wife making a lifestyle change in our food (Thanks Trim Healthy Mama) and loosing 40+ pounds! Became a purple belt in Go Ju Karate and hope to advance to brown next month. Attended my first Geocaching Mega Event and made it to 400 geocaches found. Learned how to put down hardwood flooring and still have some more to go! Went camping, stayed up late playing board games, and now have some close friends that I can share my life with.

Overall, I have been blessed beyond measure. My family is not perfect, and I have my flaws, but my God has grace that overflows upon us all that covers us all. And if life after 41 years has been this good, I can not wait to see the other 2/3 of it. Yes, I know that has me going to 120 year old, plus a few, that is my plan!

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