Time To Do Some Weeding Dad?

Hope that things are going well with you today guys! It is that time of year when many of us may be attempting a garden to help alleviate some food expenses. However, there is always that one thing that also comes with gardens and the joys of growing plants, the weeds! Weeds are those undesirable plants that come into our established domain and start to suck up water, choke out, or bring in other destructive bugs to our wanted plants. You can try to spray them, but you take a chance of harming the good plants and then you have herbicides on your veggies. You could jump in with a hoe, but you may be a bit more destructive to the good plants as well as the weeds. Lastly, you could just get down on you knees and pull the weeds out. Takes longer, but the results are better. Now dad, do you need to do some weeding in your household?

Pulling Weeds

Pulling Weeds?

You see dad, we are a gardener who is growing a great and wonderful, one of a kind, special plant. Your kid. We have established a domain for that plant to grow without any worries. Our home. As the gardener, we are faced with keeping different weeds away from our special plant. Our guidance.

You have been entrusted with a special gift from God. Either through natural child-birth or adoption, you are a dad. You have a special plant that will be growing from your nurturing, actions, guidance and love. This plant will be needing your attention when you don’t feel like giving it. It will need you at night when the wind blows and the storm goes “KA-BOOM”. It will need you in the daytime when the dog runs to close and it gets knocked over. That special plant will need water and nutrients from you for years before you may ever see it bloom or put forth fruit. But it is your plant and you are its gardener. The plant is not the responsibility of the neighborhood, the church, or the government. It is yours. Do you want to see your plant thrive? Then protect the environment that it is growing in and let the plant know that it is safe, loved, and thought of often.

Weeds will eventually spring up in your garden. Either from you not focusing on the garden (not at home), not reading the guide-book for this type of gardening (not reading your Bible) or you may introduce the weeds yourself (pride, self-indulgence, lying, ect.) These weeds can have many forms about them as they grow. Some will have long vines that wrap around your plant and slowly pull it down. Some will overshadow and take the nutrient that designed for the plant and it will soon be reduced in size. Some may have thorns that will stick and tear at the plant as it grows.

But with the weeds in the garden, how do you handle removing them? Do you try some quick, cure all method of herbicide? Knowing that this may hurt some of the plant, but it will survive, just not grow to its full potential. Do you jump in there with a hoe and start ripping up the ground around the plant and try to cut the weeds and hopefully remove them? In doing so, you realize that you may damage the roots of your plant, but hopefully there is enough of roots that it will survive the trauma. Or, do you get down on your knees and carefully guide the plant as you pull the weeds out by the roots, ensuring no damage is done to the plant.

In our life as gardeners, we need to spend more time on our knees, reading our guide book, and listening to the Master Gardener on how to maintain our garden and how to protect our special plants. Pulling weeds may take some time and is not usually the most enjoyable job in gardening, but the rewards of seeing that special plant grow and bloom are well worth it.

Till next time…
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,
Steve Blackston

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