Lifting Up Your Wife – Making a Home

Men I want to do some lifting up here for a bit. I want you to take a look at the woman who God has placed into your life with you. I want you to stop and for a few moments look over the past years and see your wife in your mind’s eye. Now over the next few post, I will be discussing the responsibilities of a man
to his wife. If you have not carried out these few things you have blown it! If I don’t carry out these things, I have blown it! This is not to belittle anyone, but to make us look at ourselves and see how we are treating our wives. Now if you have not read the first one, let’s get started at the beginning.

    Make a Home

Making a HomeWe need to take the time to make our house a home! We need to make the place where we live, we dwell, where we lay our head, into a home. Now a home is different from a house. A house is a place where there are walls, a floor, a roof and maybe a few windows and some doors to allow light and passage in and out. A home on the other hand is a place where love dwells, a place of refuge, a place of security, a place where you can be yourself. Yet, we set so many stipulations on the home, that it becomes simply a house

Here is where the problem comes to us as the men. So many times we expect perfection, we expect blind obedience, we expect total dedication and we, as the men, never model it to those in the house. Men, when was the last time that you showed dedication to your family by doing a Bible study constantly with them? When was the last time that you dedicated to be more patience and caring to your wife and kids?

Your job is to make this a dwelling of harmony. It is your job to make sure that your home is not a place of strife. Many of us have company over and we tell them “Make yourself at home”. When we say that we are meaning more than just sit down. We are telling people to be comfortable, be joyful, be restful and be peaceful in my house. But men it is our job as the manager of our house to make sure that not only do our friends make themselves at home, but that our wife and kids feels at home! They need to know that they can relax, they can be themselves, they can let their guard down and no one will attack them. When was the last time you gave them that type of security?

Do you know how you can do just that? You can be there for them. Your wife did not marry a piece of paper, a car, a ring or some trinket that you can provide for her, she married you. Men if you are measuring the quality of your role as a husband by the amount of trinkets in your house, you have missed the mark! Measure it by the amount of time that you spend dedicating your life to your wife and kids.

Men, what are you doing? Take a few moments and leave a comment or two that tells and can encourage others on what they can do to help make their house a home.

Till next time…
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,
Steve Blackston

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