Lifting Up Your Wife – Part 1

Men I want to do some lifting up here for a bit. I want you to take a look at the woman who God has placed into your life with you. I want you to stop and for a few moments look over the past years and see your wife in your mind’s eye. Now over the next few post, I will be discussing the responsibilities of a man
to his wife. If you have not carried out these few things you have blown it! If I don’t carry out these things, I have blown it! This is not to belittle anyone, but to make us look at ourselves and see how we are treating our wives.

  1. Love

You should love your wife.  Now that would seem as though it would not need to be said.  But let’s look at what I am saying.  How many times have you said that you love your job, you love that key lime pie, you love a television show, you love your truck?  In todays culture the word love has become devalued and reduced to a mere unemotional term.  We use the word love in a way to say what the items do for us.  My job satisfies me.  The pie full-fills my desire for something sweet.  The truck makes me look good when I am driving.  When the world talks about love it is just a word that is thrown about.

However, when the Bible talks about love, it is different.  It talks about the sacrifice that you make for the betterment of others.  Love can only be measured by your sacrifice, not by your enjoyment.  Now when we talk about us loving our wives, many times we are referring to the good things that she does for us, that’s not love.  That is our wife loving us.  She sacrificed something to do something for you.  That is her actions…not yours.

25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her
(Ephesians 5:25 HCSB)

Men the example of love that is in the Bible involves a cross.  It involves a Savior.  Just as we have a Savior that loves us, our wives should have a savior in us that loves them, no matter what.  We are shown through the example of Christ’s death on the cross to do and go as far as possible for our wives.  How far are you going?

To put it in the words of Tony Evans…You see guys, we got it backwards in our thinking.  Most men date so we can marry the girl of our dreams.  When in reality, we should marry, so we can date the girl of our dreams from now on!  We focused so hard on turning her on to say “I do.”  When the Biblical idea is to have her say “I do” so we can spend the rest of my life turning her on!

Guys, how much time are you spending on caring for, taking care of, loving and sacrificing for your wife? When we look at all the things we do as men around the house, many times we leave our wife’s needs out or to her own doings. Next time you want to do something for yourself, give that time to your wife and sacrifice your wants and desires for her. Hey, I did not say that this would be easy or nice to hear.

You know that you want to say it....


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