Are You Ready to Coach?

Hey guys, it has finally reached that time of year when the football is flying through the air and people are screaming their heads off with delight and disgust! I am not a huge football fan, but I have my football team that I pull for and I look forward to the occasional win. But there is one team that I pull for all the time, it’s my team, The Blackston Team! I have two boys, one girl and a wife that look to me as their coach in the game of life, what about you?

Are You Ready to Coach?


As the coach of the team, it is my responsibility to know the offense of the other team, their defense, their tactics and possible sneak plays. In knowing these things, I need to have my own offense, defense and special tactics that I can use against the other team. I have a play book that I keep. As a matter-of-fact, I have some of the plays memorized in my head and heart. A good coach will keep his play book close by in case of an unforeseen play starts to take place, so the proper defense can be setup.

The players need to know the plays that will be used from the play book as well. They need to be taught the plays, understand the plays, and should be able to tell you the plays along with know where in the play book they are located. If your players do not know the plays that are given from the coach, then there will be confusion and mis-understanding. By the way, those are two plays of the offense.

Now, I may be the coach of the team but I have a General Manager. An owner. A direct supervisor over my instructions that I give to the team. This General Manager has three parts to His job.

  1. First – He is the owner of the playing field.
  2. Second – He gave all that He is so that I could be free to coach my team.
  3. Thirdly – He guides me through the play book as I study it.

The GM is a good guy, but He also has some rules to be on His team. You see, He is a jealous GM, He holds me to strict rules of hurting others, coveting others possessions, and making sure that I don’t have any other general manager ahead of Him.

If you have not figured out the team that I am part of, then let me break it down for you. My General Manager is The Host of Host, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings! He WAS, He IS, and He WILL BE! He is the Creator of All, The Ruler of the Universe. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and me. His son, Jesus Christ, gave up all He had, His very life, so I could be free from sin. He gave His life so I could be free through Redemptive Grace of Salvation to coach my family in the play book called the BIBLE! When we study this play book, the Holy Spirit comes and gives all of us words of encouragement and understanding. He guides me on my directions for my players. He shows me the other teams weaknesses and equips me to stand and fight!

So dad, I ask you today with no hidden questions – Are you following this God that I am talking about? Are you reading His play book? Are you being a coach to your team like I am talking about here?

Till next time…
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,
Steve Blackston

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