Who’s Working for The Weekend

Dad, are you ready for the weekend? I know that I am! It has been one booger of a week for me on all fronts. Work as a husband has been good, work as a dad has been a bit tough, work as an engineer has been completely full and work as a children’s pastor has been way past full! Today I came home and my dad has cut the field in front of my house which then showed that my grass has not been cut in about a month and a half! Oh yeah…I need this weekend!

But when you read all that, does it sound like I am really ready for the weekend or will I be using it to cram in more “work” that I think needs to be done. The reality is that I have three kids and a wife that would love to see me. The truth is I will be busting everything I have to get caught up on my home jobs that have gone slacking while getting other “jobs” done. We seem to spend our life working for the weekend, just to work some more.

Back in 1981 the group Loverboy released a song call “Working for The Weekend”. The song talks about how we all work all week-long and then we continue into the weekend. We all want a second chance and we all want a little romance. I can not think of a guy who would not agree with that thought!

So…why don’t we do just that guys? Why don’t we really focus on our family on the weekend? Why don’t we show a little romance to the wife and take her out on a date? Let’s start making plans and working for the weekend where we can spend more time together as a husband and father and less as the “jack of all trades” playing catch up. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that we have to do just that. However, many times we give excuses to work on the weekends instead of living on the weekend. Think about it.  And dad, just in case you’re reading this…Thank You.

Till next time…
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,
Steve Blackston

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