Do You Cycle?

There are times when my kids hit me with things that are rather profound, truthful and painful. Not to long ago one of them did just that. Which brings up a question for all dads and parents as well. Do you cycle?

Now I am not referring to a group of people who jump on the bicycles and travel some 100+ miles a day. Nor am I referring to a biological shifting of hormones and physical changes in the body. I am asking if you are all in for a while and then out for a while, then back in, only to be out again. You cycle in and out of what you are doing.

Sine Wave

Sine Wave

As I was saying, my oldest son asked the question why do some people that he knows cycle in and out of what they do and what they say. The conversation went something like this:

Son : Why is this person all into church on Sunday, praising God and saying everything that is good?
Me : Well son, they are a christian and they are in a mode of worship and that is why.
Son : Then why do they watch shows and go to movies that are not lifting up Christ? You know they are all into church and God on Sunday then they kinda cycle out of it during the week. But come Sunday, they are back into God. Why?
Me : profound silence

So now I ask you that question, why do WE all cycle? As he stated, it is easy to praise and worship on Sunday while you are in church. But how easy is it on Tuesday when that show you like comes on and you can’t watch it with the kids in the room? Or how easy is it to praise God when you are shooting the bull with the guys after work and talking about your co-workers? Then Sunday rolls back around and we want to act like nothing has happened during the week, and resume our righteous worship again. This takes place each week, each month and each year.

See dad, the kids are seeing so much easier than they are hearing. Things are hard to hear and repeat when you are talking about them, but they can see and repeat so much easier. The life that you are living is being watched by the ones that are with you. They hear your words but see your actions even better. It is one thing to talk the talk and another thing to walk the walk! After all it is our job to teach them diligently. Just don’t cycle in and out on what you are teaching them!

So leave your comments below and give me some insight to why we cycle in our lives and ways to prevent it from happening.

Till next time…
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom
Steve Blackston

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