Why Go To a Homeschool Convention?

Have you ever asked yourself “Why go to a homeschool convention?” Well not to long ago, I asked myself that very question. My thoughts were that it was a waste of time, money, resources, and what do I do with the kids while I am there? That was back in 2011. In 2012 in Spartanburg, SC my eyes were opened to a whole new world. A world that I look forward to visiting every year, and the time to visit again is coming up soon!

Like most men I was one that sat back in the homeschool arena and let me wife do what she wanted with homeschooling. It was her job in my mind. I was the one who simply provided the money so she could do what she wanted with homeschooling. I was not involved with anything, nor did I want to be involved. My time was mine and her time was the kids. In late 2011 she coaxed me into going to a homeschool convention. I was mainly going just to make her happy and to get her off of my back. Little did I know that what I would received there is what I really needed.

We booked the hotel for a Thursday and Friday night next-door to the convention center. As we headed out on that way to early Thursday morning I was not looking forward to going. I was a bit grouchy and disgruntled about having to pay for the gas, the room, the cost of the whole thing. Upon getting checked in and entering the convention, my mind started to change.

Ken Ham Hear Me SpeakThat Thursday night I was able to hear Ken Ham speak as the main speaker that night. He blew my mind with all of the creation vs. evolution talk that was going on. I am a person who firmly believes in creation and this was an outstanding way to get me thinking about this convention. We were able to mill about the “book store” and see the seemingly never-ending of vendors and curriculum. I started to see that there was more to this homeschooling thing than I thought.

The next day (Friday) as we were going to the convention my kids were a bit worried about this program that they were going to be part of. I thought that this would be another waste of money for the kids to be watched after when one of us could do it while there. That was the wrong mindset to have! The kids program at the convention was outstanding as well. This was a program for the kids to participate in so we could listen to the speakers that whole time of the convention without distractions. My kids were able to have their own convention while I was having mine. Not only that, they loved the first day and could not wait to go back on the next day!

Mark Hamby Hear Me SpeakThat Friday I hear a gentleman by the name of Mark Hamby. Mark talked on a subject close and dear to my life, video games and technology, and how they influence us. This guy made me mad! I was ready to leave the convention and yet I could not. I started to see how I was being as a man in my household. How I was needed in this homeschooling thing that I had been avoiding. There were other speakers that I listen to that Friday and Saturday. Great speakers that touched deep within my spirit and shed light on homeschooling. To the point that I left there with an audio of all the speakers so I could learn more, and understand more.

That weekend was not a waste of time, money or resources. It was a weekend that actually showed me how I was wasting time, money and resources on things other than my kids education. I am not saying that I went there and was beat down and made less manly. I am saying quite the opposite! I left there wanting to be a better man, husband and father to the kids that God has given to me. I left there wanting to teach my children diligently. The weekend of 2013 when we took friends back with us was not a waste. And last year was not a waste in Washington, DC.

So, if you are looking for a great homeschool convention to attend this year, I believe that I can recommend one to you. It will be in four locations across the country:

Teach Them Diligently 728X180
If you make it to Atlanta, I hope that I will get to see you. Come up and say “Hey! I read that blog post and thought I would give it a try.” I’ll most likely give you a high five and a hug. A manly hug, but a hug. Because you my friend just took a huge leap of faith to put your kids first and Teach Them Diligently!

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