Are You at Your Limit?

Dads it has been a crazy summer so far! I don’t know about your house and your schedule, but here at the International Headquarters of A Husband of a Homeschooling Mom, things have been happing like crazy! I feel like I am at my limit with everything. I think that the only thing that has slowed down in me getting out of the bed in the morning! Let’s see :

  • Karate ended
  • Got two puppies
  • Six Flags over Georgia – season passes and kids that want to go!
  • Mothers Day
  • Birthday
  • Planted garden
  • Broke lawnmower
  • Started master program for Christian Education
  • Swimming season kicked in
  • Kitchen renovation – new counter tops, de-stressing the cabinets – somebody shoot me for this one!
  • Fixed lawnmower
  • Pool not ready – still working on it
  • AWANA ended
  • Wednesday Night Funtacular Started
  • Summer camp – The Wilds in North Carolina
  • Kitchen still a disaster
  • Garden producing – squash, tomatoes, and peppers
  • Fathers Day next
  • VBS next
  • That is some of what all has been going on around here. But, I know that I am not the only dad/husband that has things going on. That is just the nature of being the head of the family, you got to take things as they come, put them in priority and attack them till they are done.

    Stretch ArmstrongYet, in all of this there is one thing that we must continue to do, pray. Dads when you are at your limit are you at your best? Many times, I am not! I will tend to snap, gripe, and blame others. I am not Superman or Stretch Armstrong! However, I know of a man who was super! I know that His Father can help me and guide me to be my best when I am at my limit. I must remember that even when everything else is happening, I got to still willing give time each day in prayer and reading my Bible. In doing so I find that I can stretch just a bit more, love a bit more, and be the superman that those close to me need me to be.

    Now, I got a pool to work on and a shower to re-caulk since it is leaking (yeah, left that off the list)!

    Till next time guys…
    I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,
    Steve Blackston

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