Dad, Let’s Get This Party Started!

Well to despite the rumors of my blogging career coming to an end, I am still alive and I am still going! However, there was some needed time away from the blogging world to take care of what this blog is all about. I am a husband of a homeschooling mom and a dad. I was letting my blog take time away from being a dad. Ever been there dad?

Yesterday was my son’s 13th birthday. My oldest has survived some of his goofy pranks, accidents and just life in general to make it to the magical age of 13. Saturday we celebrated this event with a sort of “coming of age” party. My wife and I wanted to make it a day of his and our choosing. I invited 11 older guys over to speak words of wisdom and life into my son. To pass down lessons they have learned, things they would do different, and roads not to travel down. He requested that I smoke ribs and that we all shoot skeet in the front yard.

There were many great memories that were made that Saturday afternoon. Many truths, life lessons, and scriptures read. But most of all it was a time to put my son first in my life. You see dads, many times we get all wrapped up in a life of our own, that we forget we should be leading those that God has trusted us with. I had gotten to a point where I was blogging, reading, writing, doing videos, and leaving my kids behind. You know that thing that I write about not doing!! I was doing!! Thankfully, I realized what I was doing, so I stopped for a while.

However, with a new focus and times of blogging, I am back to keeping my thoughts coming to you. I am also stepping up on my job as the man of the house by realizing my weakness and doing something about them. Maybe it is time that you, as the dad, stop and take some time to review your life and what your focus really is. Sometimes it hurts to see where you spend your time; and it may be a very good use of your time, but is it the best use? You see, sometimes we just need to be made again a new vessel

Till next time…
I’m a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom and I’m still alive!

Steve Blackston

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