What Do You Call Music Dad?


“vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” ~ Google
Family Music
Men, I have an issue that I need some help with.  Music.  My oldest son just turned 13 and he is starting to venture out on what music is to him.  I now understand why my dad shook his head when he heard “my music”.  I am more of a Christian, Jazz, Classic Rock, 70’s & 80’s, Instrumental, well nearly everything type of person.  You know the kind of music that you can understand the words to the song or there are no words!

Well my son is venturing out into the world of Rap.  To me this sounds more like…incomprehensible rhyming to a beat.  I have tried to listen to it, but it gives me a headache.  So, to help ease the pain, he is trying Christian Rap.  I still get headaches.

So this is where I need some help from you other men.  What do you call family appropriate music.  I am picky and want something that will not involve lewd lyrics or cussing.  I want to hear what you think is acceptable in your house with your kids.  As I get answers, I will list the music below.

You know that you want to say it....


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