Time To Take Some Initiative


Over the past month I have been doing some studying in the book of Nehemiah. I have seen many things that we as dads and husbands can take to heart for our lives. You see, Nehemiah had a burden that was on his heart and he did what was necessary to do something about it. He took some initiative guys, and it’s time that we do the same!Got Initiative

In the beginning of Nehemiah, he was told that the city walls of Jerusalem had been destroyed and the gates burned. Sadly they had been this way for some time. The people of Jerusalem, those that were left, were just living there and not really doing anything about this problem. True some had returned from the exile and worked on the temple, but the city walls were still in ruin. The people within the city saw a problem but just ignored it. Possibly because they saw it every day and it had become “the norm” or they had become complacent. Just as most men see things that need to be done and we put it off till it becomes “the norm”.

Yet, this one man, Nehemiah, a man that had never seen the city, had a burden for the city. He heard of a need and then did something that many of us do not take time to do. He prayed. Nehemiah put everything else to the side and prayed about the situation. He prayed for the people that were affected, he admitted a wrong, he prayed for the city, he prayed for guidance, and he prayed for success.

Guys this is what we need to be doing! We need to take the initiative each day to pray for our families, our house, the spiritual walls around our love ones. When we see, or in this case hear, of a need, it should bring us to point of doing something about the need. So many times we turn a blind eye to the things around us and go on with our lives as though nothing is happening. Just as those in Jerusalem were living in a city with destroyed walls and burned gates. We walk by things in our own house that need work, but we just do not see it.

  • Helping the wife with clothes, dishes, or dinner.
  • Helping the kids with their school work.
  • Fixing that crooked door.
  • Cleaning the garage.
  • Turning off the television and having family time.
  • Reading the Bible with the family.

Give it a try guys. In 52 days, with non-professional people, Nehemiah had the walls and gates rebuilt in Jerusalem. But before you say “Okay, I’ll give it a try”, notice what was done first. Nehemiah prayed. Nehemiah realized that he could not do anything without God’s involvement. The same is still true today!

Till next time…
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,
Steve Blackston

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