Downtime? What is downtime?

Men if you are anything like me the term downtime is something that you hear of but do not get to experience. Now I have had downtime with internet, and recently with power (thanks Irma). But as far as having some downtime where there is nothing going on, not having to be somewhere, not having to do something, or not being needed in any way is simply something that rarely exist.

However, this week is a bit different! One time a year, we venture off on a vacation where I try my best to shut down and have some downtime. A time where I put stress to the side, a time to just sit and watch the wind blow and the waves crash. A time where you spend a few hours trying to backtrack where your son lost his wallet and not be upset. THAT will require a different post!

Guys, I know that I do not do a good job at just stopping and taking time to shut down. As a matter of fact, most men, despite what women think, keep thinking about everything that is going on around them. I know that I will be working on things till I will fall asleep at night on the computer, or reading for a class. Something has to give!

Last week we were spared the vast devastation that many people faced as hurricane Irma rolled through Florida and Georgia. We did have our power knocked out for about 52 hours. During that time my family and I had the best time. We were at home and actually had some downtime. No computers, no internet, no power, no stress. It was, in a way, awesome and refreshing. At church on Wednesday night people were heard saying that they wished it lasted a bit longer so their family could enjoy it more.

Dads, I think it is time we create downtime no matter where we are! Turn off the phones, put away the computers, unplug the television! Shoot, go to the panel box and turn off all the breakers. PSA – Keep the refrigerator and freezers on! Make the downtime, make the memories! Watch your family start to embrace the slower pace of life and enjoy being around you more.

Here is another idea! I got a deal for you if you are going to the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, or Arkansas. The great people over at TTD are giving away an awesome vacation package to South Carolina!

Now who would not like to have that trip? There are even packages for Mobile and Columbus to celebrate their new sites for 2018 just in case you don’t think you can make it to Myrtle Beach. You need to be at the Facebook Party on Thursday night at 9:00. Just click on the banner below to get more information on the Facebook Party.

Getting your wife to a Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention is also a great way to get some downtime as the year goes on. How?? When you become more involved in the homeschooling process, it makes it easier on your wife! So men, look into the trip, the Facebook party, and getting more involved in your homeschooling. I know that asking you to add those three things into your already hectic schedule sounds crazy, but somethings are worth it in the long run!

Till next time…
I’m just a husband of a homeschooling mom,
Steve Blackston

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