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Are You Equipped?

Are you equipped to lead?

Guys I am asking you a poignant question today, “Are you equipped?” I asked a question to my iPhone today and the answer that came back was “I am sorry Steve, I am not equipped to answer that question.” Which brings up a great question to us as dads, “Are we equipped to answer the questions of our kids?”

Year In Review

Year In Review

As of today I have survived a full 7 months in the blogging world, wrote 150 post (including this one), and learned that a whiteboard = a happy wife!  All in all it has been a great year!  I have found many new friends and heard from others from many years ago.  But when I stop and look back over the past year, what was the top five post that you, the reader, found most interesting?  Well, let’s take a look.

New Year…New You?

The New Man

In just a few hours it will be a new year, but will there be a new you? Most people take this time of year to make resolutions that will change their life in one way or another. We will resolve to loose weight (Trim Healthy Mama if your thinking of that), to read more (the Bible is an excellent one) or maybe even be a better person.

Chicken Bacon Chowder – THM Style

Alright guys, here is one for the keeping!! My trim healthy mama made this heavenly dinner last night called Low Carb Chicken Bacon Chowder that was out of this world. I mean, how can this not be good? Chicken and bacon in a thick creamy soup? This was outstanding in my book and I am passing along the recipe to you, so you can prepare this for the wife! Now what could even make this easier? Plan to Eat could!

Who Is Dating Your Daughter?

Who Is Dating Your Daughter?

Hey dads out there! Here is a question for you, “Who is dating your daughter?” You may be thinking that your daughter is to young to be dating, but she is not! My daughter is five and she is dating now. Before you think that I have totally lost it, keep reading and you will understand why my daughter is dating.

Men’s Breakfast

Todd Friel at the Men's Breakfast

Yep, I am talking food guys. Not only am I talking good food, I am also talking spiritual food. This year at the Teach Them Diligently Convention Men’s Breakfast Todd Friel of Wretched will be speaking. This will be a great way to start out your day.


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