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Happy Birthday Ethan!

Happy Birthday

As I woke up early this morning, I woke up in a house with two kids ages ten and up! My second son, Ethan, has turned 10 today. I look back over the years at his life, and it brings a happiness to me that only a parent can feel.

Are You Equipped?

Are you equipped to lead?

Guys I am asking you a poignant question today, “Are you equipped?” I asked a question to my iPhone today and the answer that came back was “I am sorry Steve, I am not equipped to answer that question.” Which brings up a great question to us as dads, “Are we equipped to answer the questions of our kids?”

New Year…New You?

The New Man

In just a few hours it will be a new year, but will there be a new you? Most people take this time of year to make resolutions that will change their life in one way or another. We will resolve to loose weight (Trim Healthy Mama if your thinking of that), to read more (the Bible is an excellent one) or maybe even be a better person.

Who Is Dating Your Daughter?

Who Is Dating Your Daughter?

Hey dads out there! Here is a question for you, “Who is dating your daughter?” You may be thinking that your daughter is to young to be dating, but she is not! My daughter is five and she is dating now. Before you think that I have totally lost it, keep reading and you will understand why my daughter is dating.

How Are You Filtering?

How Are You Filtering?

What is your mesh size? Are you a 250 micron or a 100 micron? Are you a sand or ball? Do you have a UV light installed or not? Because dad, what I am asking you is how are you filtering what enters your home? Home ~ a place of safety, security and comfort. A…


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