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Do You Have Lego Words?

Do You Have Lego Words?

What dad out there has not walked through his son’s room and not stepped on a Lego brick? Yes, the best way to bring out your true feeling in the middle of the night is for a kid’s Lego bucket to be scattered around on the floor. They are small, the colors blend in to…

I Am Not Ashamed to Be a Dad! – Part 5

Why Me Men's Conference - 2013 - Not Ashamed

Jesus taught us how to teach.  He taught us that deep spiritual living comes through modeling and through hands-on training. This is where I think youth groups and Christian schools can kill us. So many parents believe that they can pass off their children to a charismatic youth leader.  These kind of parents try to do the “drop off discipleship” and they kick their kids out of the car and say “Have a good time and learn something”.  They’re shocked when they have invested $100,000 in a private school and their child is rebellious.

A Child’s Heart

Who's Got Your Child's Heart?

Hey dads! I am coming at you with a very important question and topic. Who has your child’s heart? There are many things and activities in the life of a child today that pull there attention away from us as parents.

Got The Time?

Got The Time?

Hey guys, got the time? I have been camping and geocaching the past few days and had a blast with my family and friends. There are few things that can compare with camping, cooking, caching and comrodery.

Fresh Breath of Life?

Fresh Breath of Life

Dad, are you feeling stale, drained, or like you need a fresh breath of life? You know we go through our lives at times as though auto-pilot has been engaged. We come home, hug the wife, smile at the kids, eat dinner, piddle in the garage or outside, come in and put the kids to…

Little People Are Watching

The Little People Are Watching

Have you seen them? They are in your house. Watching, listening, absorbing and being like you. If you want to experience them up close, try to sneak a bowl of ice cream or a special treat just for yourself. Their noses are in tune with sugary delights and their ears are in tune with the…

Why Do I Homeschool?

Why Homeschool?

I am at times asked why we have decided to home school our kids. Before we started, I needed to ask myself the question, “Why should we homeschool?” To be honest about it, there is a huge monetary commitment, a huge time commitment, it is not easy and to the world we appear to be backwards! So why?

Kids Roll In Life?

I have never thought about the things that kids teach us as adults. There are so many things that kids will ponder upon or ask as they grow. There are some things that we can give very truthful answers to and then some where we just make them up as we go. Yet in all…

You Got It Together?

How many dad’s or mom’s out there can relate to getting up late on Sunday morning? That sudden sense of panic that runs through you as you realize that the alarm was not set, you stayed up way to late and church starts in 45 minutes! Three kids and two adults have to be ready…

It’s Coming!! Teach Them Diligently 2014

Dads, are you wanting a better understanding of homeschooling? Or for the dad’s in the trenches, do you want to take the wife and kids to a homeschool Smörgåsbord? Well if you answered yes to either of those two questions, the Teach Them Diligently Conventions are getting geared up for next year. The registration for…

It’s Your Home School Dad — Part 6

Becoming a Leader Again Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, and that certainly includes the distortion of the man-woman relationship in the home. His grace is sufficient to free us from our sinful patterns and lead us into the freedom and joy that comes with obedience to his revealed will. Specifically, the…

It’s Your Home School Dad – Part 4 & 5

The Man Abandoned His Leadership The first sign that Adam was not doing his job of guarding and directing his wife is his absence during her temptation. Actually, the language of the text seems to suggest that Adam was indeed there, he was just passive and uninvolved. After Eve had eaten the fruit we read,…


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