Things that I feel are worthy to pass along to my friends and my kids one day.


If you are not the first one to approach this subject, someone else will. Are you going to trust your kids future to their friends? God has blessed you with kids, and it’s your responsibility to lead them in his way.

Make Your Ways Known To Me

Problem Instructions… roadmaps… G.P.S… the wife, all of these things give directions. Some more than others! But it is nice to know what to do at times. I am a guy and I will admit that I don’t know everything. Hey, ask my kids, they will tell you. However, there is one way to find…

Guys…You Are Needed!!

This question has been around ever since the first homeschool conference. Are husbands really needed at homeschool conferences? In the majority of houses the wife is the teacher. So, is the man, the husband, really needed? Why should the husband give up his time on something that he most likely will not even be doing?…

Instructions Are Valuable!

Guys, I want to talk about something that most men just don’t use.  Many men call it that thing that you throw away when you open a box and begin to assemble the contents within. Some men call it extra packing in the box.  Still others will say “it is for those who have no…

Turning Around

Dad, how are you hanging? I have recently done something that some people call dangerous, or incredibly stupid, or say that “You’ll put your eye out!”, but I call good! I have taken up a hobby. You know, something else to steal away the overwhelming amount of spare time that I have in my life…

Quiet Time

After all the commotion involving Irma, I sit here tonight in the complete quiet of the powerless house tonight enjoying the silence. There is nothing quite like it. I hear can however here the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. While listening to the wind, I have the house lit by the soft…

Leaving a Mark

Hey guys, I hope that this finds you in great shape and spirit. As the Teach Them Diligently Conference is coming up next week, I have a question for the husbands. Are you leaving a mark with your kids?? Let’s talk about that. Last week I was helping in a karate testing in our dojo.…

The Gap

Men, your family needs you to be some great stuff and fill in the gaps! It will be harder to do than simply spraying something out of a can, but the rewards will last longer you can imagine.


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