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How Are You Living?

How Are You Living?

I was invited to eat with a group of men tonight that will be speaking, attending or serving in some capacity with the “Why Me?” men’s conference in Thomaston, Georgia next Friday and Saturday. After one delicious low country boil, the men made their way down to the dock at the lake. As 14 decent sized men eased out onto this weathered dock we felt the shifts of age and the creep of time on the structure.

I Am Not Ashamed to Be a Dad! – Part 5

Why Me Men's Conference - 2013 - Not Ashamed

Jesus taught us how to teach.  He taught us that deep spiritual living comes through modeling and through hands-on training. This is where I think youth groups and Christian schools can kill us. So many parents believe that they can pass off their children to a charismatic youth leader.  These kind of parents try to do the “drop off discipleship” and they kick their kids out of the car and say “Have a good time and learn something”.  They’re shocked when they have invested $100,000 in a private school and their child is rebellious.

It’s A Dad’s Life

What is your life like guys? Are you the chauffeur, gardener, grill master extraordinaire? Does your yard look better than all the neighbors? Do you pride yourself in the way you look and dress? Is your “Man Cave” maxed out with all the best audio and visual equipment that money can buy? If so, check…