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Praying For Her Legs

Praying For Her Legs

As women move, they talk! It is a proven fact that women use roughly 20,000 words a day compared to that of 7,000 for a man. I am praying that as my wife moves about throughout her day, that the words that she speaks are good and are doing good for someone. I pray that she will be helping others in good deeds.

Praying For Her Feet

A wise general or leader looks after his soldiers’ boots. If they give out, nothing else is of much use. The roads at times are very tough and very lengthy, and there need to be strong soles and well-sewed uppers.  This is the job of the husband,

Who are you living with?

Who are you living with?

Are you coming home to work or to exist? Many of us are living with our 8 to 5 jobs and not with our “after hours” job that we have been called to first! So I ask again, “Who are you living with?” Are you proud to be the man who is climbing the corporate ladder or

How Are You Living?

How Are You Living?

I was invited to eat with a group of men tonight that will be speaking, attending or serving in some capacity with the “Why Me?” men’s conference in Thomaston, Georgia next Friday and Saturday. After one delicious low country boil, the men made their way down to the dock at the lake. As 14 decent sized men eased out onto this weathered dock we felt the shifts of age and the creep of time on the structure.

Brownie Cheesecake Celebration!

Behold! I pass along to you the THM Brownie Cheesecake (S)!! My good people, let this day be one that will be etched into your mind for all future cheesecake cravings. The day that you found a Trim Healthy Mama Brownie Cheesecake that you can enjoy with your friends, or quietly by yourself.

What Happened to Modesty?

When has be become acceptable to only wear bra and panties when you are going to the pool, lake, river, or ocean; however, you have to put on more clothes to go into a place of business? I am not saying that a lady should not be proud of the way she looks.

When Is It Enough?

When is enough

When it comes to teaching your children, when is it enough? They are not like a recipe that you can have exact quantities to measure out. They are not something that you can sample along the way like adding to much or to little salt. They have no gauge that is built in that shows your level of input and an absorption rate. So, when is it enough?