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The Expert

There are many things that I have to do as an engineer at seem impossible. Many times these are the people who I get the honor of working with. It is as though one of my project meetings have just been recorded.

Dad’s Leadership in the Home ~ Podcast

Christ was rejected and despised by men. Husbands and dads, are you willing to be rejected by your kids? Are you willing to place everything that you are before the world and be rejected? Kids at times can be mean. It’s a fact of life. But it is also a fact of what they emulate what they see as well.
Are you willing to carry the pain of your loved ones? Cancers, mental disorders, physical limitations are things that can, though not always, cause pain. Are you willing to step up and endure the sufferings just as Christ did for your family?

Cheesy Garlic Bread Goodness!!

Alright guys, if your wife has been doing the Trim Healthy Mama eating program, your probably having some bread withdrawals. Especially when it comes to some Italian Delights (just use Dreamfields pasta and you can still have them). Well here I am to give you something that you must try. Trust me, I am almost a professional at this.

Mr. Conversaving and the Husband of a Homeschooling Mom ~ Podcast

This is the first episode where Mr. Conversaving (David Allen) from www.conversaving.com and the Husband of a Homeschooling Mom (Steve Blackston) team up to discuss our thoughts and reasons why we homeschool in today’s society.

If you have some thoughts on the podcast, submit them to Husband of a Homeschooling Mom through the contact form below.

Video Gaming Husbands ~ Podcast

Husbands, now here is something that is near and dear to my heart. Last year at the 2012 Teach Them Diligently conference in Spartanburg, South Carolina I had the pleasure of listening to a gentlemen by the name of Mark Hamby. Mark is the founder of the Lamplighter Ministries, which in itself is another great topic that I will discuss one day. He was speaking on the topic of “A Great Awakening: The Mind, Media, and Moral Imagination”. My youngest son, 8 during this time, was the exact kid that he was speaking of when it came to video games. He had become addicted to the “rush and thrill” of the game. It was acting as a literal drug that caused a change in his brain chemistry.

Why Do I Homeschool? ~ Podcast

I am at times asked why we have decided to home school our kids. Before we started, I needed to ask myself the question, “Why should we homeschool?” To be honest about it, there is a huge monetary commitment, a huge time commitment, it is not easy and to the world we appear to be backwards! So why? Why do I homeschool?

My reasons are as follows:

  1. It is my responsibility to teach my kids, not someone else.
  2. I want my kids to have the best education that is available.
  3. My kids don’t need to be influenced by other kids and their decisions. They are to be influenced by me and my wife.
  4. We have Bible time in our school. Do you?

Dad, Know Your Power

Dad, Know Your Power!

So when he attempted something and he did not see it doing any good, he quit. He did not see that the responsibility he was given was important and how it effected everything else that was being done at that time. This in turn made others who were performing there task in a responsible manner look down on him and his self-esteem plummeted.

Let’s Meet Penny…

Today I received the privilege to be a guest blogger on another site. I ask that you be so kind to head over to MeetPenny.com and check out the blog post on the Teach Them Diligently Men’s Breakfast. While you are doing that go ahead and look through her site and check out all that she…

76 Days till Washington DC!!

Teach Them Diligently Convention

In 76 days my family and I will be making the drive (700 miles) into Washington DC to attend the Teach Them Diligently Convention! We have attended the convention the past two years in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but with us finishing a two-year American History run, the ability to be at the convention and do…

Beauty lies in the eyes of YOU DAD!

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of YOU Dad!

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” That is a famous quote that most of us have heard over the years. It comes from the the great Greek philosopher Plato. Today as I look around, I see commercials, magazines, books and television shows that attempt to tell our young girls what it means to…