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A Quick Escape?

There were locks, padlocks, bike locks, letter locks, magnetic locks, cryptex to solve, switches to flip, mirrors to figure out, hidden doors, hidden clues, clues in your face, one of the souths favorite refreshments, talk of cotton, Hank Arron, and Gone with the Wind.

Teach Them Diligently 2016 Atlanta

Believe it or not, I am sitting here at the Teach Them Diligently convention in Atlanta today. As a matter of fact, I am in the Homeschool Launch booth 801, answering questions and taking your money for the convention next year! Yep, it will be happening again next year. But that is then, this is…

Pork On The Run

The Possible Pork Possessors

Now to catch a greased pig is much harder than it sounds. The next time that you are sitting around the house with nothing else to do, take some crisco and slather it on your neighbors cat and then run at the cat while screaming and try to catch the fleeing feline.

I Am Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving

You see what I mean? This is a daily occurrence and not something that only happens on the last Thursday of November. Guys, have you given thanks to God above for just those simple things that happen and you don’t even notice?

Got The Time?

Got The Time?

Hey guys, got the time? I have been camping and geocaching the past few days and had a blast with my family and friends. There are few things that can compare with camping, cooking, caching and comrodery.

What’s Acceptable?

What's Acceptable?

Got a question for you dad, “What’s Acceptable?” At the end of this month many people will celebrate Halloween. Little kids, big kids and adults alike will be dressing up in different costumes and outfits to venture about in an attempt to get candy or play pranks. But what’s acceptable for a christian? Some of…

We Camped

We Camped

We setup, we ate and we camped! In preparation of the upcoming Geocaching Mega Event at Roosevelt State Park, the kids and I wanted to make sure that everything was ready for camping. This of course meant setting everything up and testing out all the equipment to ensure the safety and proper usage of everything.…

Quick Review of Wits and Wagers

Wits & Wagers, Family Board Game

Ever been sitting around your house and wished you had a good or even a great game to play with everyone? I know that I have many a time. Well here is a list of some games that has been tested and approved by this husband of a homeschooling mom! Wits & Wagers  A great…