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Mini Matchstick Gun…Oh Yeah!

Guys, are you looking for something to do with your kids? Well here is something that we will be doing this week in our house! *WARNING* This does involve sharp sticks, knives, drill bits, razors, matches and fire. Don’t do something stupid like burn down a house or put your eye out! *WARNING*

It’s A Dad’s Life

What is your life like guys? Are you the chauffeur, gardener, grill master extraordinaire? Does your yard look better than all the neighbors? Do you pride yourself in the way you look and dress? Is your “Man Cave” maxed out with all the best audio and visual equipment that money can buy? If so, check…

Hardwood Update

Almost two weeks ago I asked the question of How Hard is Hardwood? Well I have survived the process of putting in around 500 square feet of 3/4″ pre-finished oak hardwood floor. I did have some help and advice from New Beginnings Renovation (father-in-law) since the last time I did this I was 15 or…

How Hard is Hardwood?

All right men out there, I am embarking on an event this weekend that should be interesting! I am installing hardwood flooring in the living room and in the front foyer. If anyone has any hints, suggestions or helpful comments, leave them below! Make it quick guys, I am starting very soon!!


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