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Helping The Wife

During the 2018 Teach Them Diligently conventions across the southeast, I was given the privilege to speak to men about homeschooling. Yet during this time, I was curious about what other dads were thinking and struggling within the homeschool life. Well, they wrote down some questions and I told them I would answer them. They…

Quiet Time

After all the commotion involving Irma, I sit here tonight in the complete quiet of the powerless house tonight enjoying the silence. There is nothing quite like it. I hear can however here the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. While listening to the wind, I have the house lit by the soft…

What Would You Say to You?

What Would You Say to You

What would you say if you had the chance to go back into time and have a conversation with a younger version of yourself? What would you say if you could go back in time and have a conversation with your dad, your mom, grandparents, or anyone? This past week many people around the globe…

Men, Time to Take Responsibility!

Our kids deserve a responsible father in their life. Sadly enough in todays society, the men in kids life are not their fathers. They are uncles, step-father, or a friend. The role of a responsible father is being abandoned and the damage that is being inflicted on the kids is devastating.

Are You Ready to Coach?

Are You Ready to Coach?

As the coach of the team, it is my responsibility to know the offense of the other team, their defense, their tactics and possible sneak plays. In knowing these things, I need to have my own offense, defense and special tactics that I can use against the other team.

Praying For Her Legs

Praying For Her Legs

As women move, they talk! It is a proven fact that women use roughly 20,000 words a day compared to that of 7,000 for a man. I am praying that as my wife moves about throughout her day, that the words that she speaks are good and are doing good for someone. I pray that she will be helping others in good deeds.

Praying For Her Feet

A wise general or leader looks after his soldiers’ boots. If they give out, nothing else is of much use. The roads at times are very tough and very lengthy, and there need to be strong soles and well-sewed uppers.  This is the job of the husband,