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New Curriculum – Same Teacher?

During the 2018 Teach Them Diligently conventions across the southeast, I was given the privilege to speak to men about homeschooling. Yet during this time, I was curious about what other dads were thinking and struggling within the homeschool life. Well, they wrote down some questions and I told them I would answer them. They…

Looking For Homeschool Help?

Teach Them Diligently Convention

Are you looking for some homeschooling help? Are the pressures of homeschooling starting to bear down on your nerves this time of year? Are you sitting there and asking yourself, “How do all of these other people find the time to do all of this homeschooling stuff?” Well do I have an idea for you.…

A Child’s Heart

Who's Got Your Child's Heart?

Hey dads! I am coming at you with a very important question and topic. Who has your child’s heart? There are many things and activities in the life of a child today that pull there attention away from us as parents.

Why Do I Homeschool?

Why Homeschool?

I am at times asked why we have decided to home school our kids. Before we started, I needed to ask myself the question, “Why should we homeschool?” To be honest about it, there is a huge monetary commitment, a huge time commitment, it is not easy and to the world we appear to be backwards! So why?

10 Tips For Being A Better Dad

  1. Respect Your Children’s Mother One of the best things a father can do for his children is to respect their mother. If you are married, keep your marriage strong and vital. If you are not married, it is still important to respect and support the mother of your children. A father and mother…

It’s Your Home School Dad — Part 6

Becoming a Leader Again Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, and that certainly includes the distortion of the man-woman relationship in the home. His grace is sufficient to free us from our sinful patterns and lead us into the freedom and joy that comes with obedience to his revealed will. Specifically, the…

It’s Your Home School Dad – Part 3

God Created the Man as the Leader Chapters 2 and 3 of Genesis reveal that God very intentionally established the man as the leader in his relationship with his wife and his kids. This is demonstrated in several ways. First – The man was created first. God the Creator created him from the dust of…

It’s Your Home School Dad – Part 2

You Are Responsible Here is the absolute truth dads, you are TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for your home school. No matter what to what level your involvement is today with the process of education in your home, the fact remains that everything that happens in your house is your responsibility. If your wife has chosen the curriculum…