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M is for MY Kids are NOT My Kids

M is for MY Kids are NOT My Kids

I am writing this post in conjunction with Blogging through the Alphabet tonight. Dad’s and husbands of homeschooling mom’s out there, this is going straight to you from my heart.  We have kids and we love them.  We have watched them grow and long to see what they will become in life.  Given the chance…

How Much Time You Got?

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I was checking out one of my favorite comedy teams today, The Skit Guys, and ran across this clip they are promoting.  The video is talking about Fatherhood and the ending is a great line of “How much time you got?’ Check out Fatherhood and then keep reading. I think every dad has asked that question of…

Broke Foot Bobby and Patience

Today the family and I had to be at church early. We jump in the van and take off down the road, already running a bit later than I wanted to. I am not much of a patient person when I have somewhere to be at a particular time. It was a nice, cool morning…


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