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Dads, Slow Down

I am sitting here in a coffee house of all places writing a post. If you know me, I am not a coffee house kinda person. Coffee, yes. Coffee house, not really. But for my daughter who is downstairs at a homeschool Christmas party, I’ll sip on some rather good coffee and take in the…

Turning Around

Dad, how are you hanging? I have recently done something that some people call dangerous, or incredibly stupid, or say that “You’ll put your eye out!”, but I call good! I have taken up a hobby. You know, something else to steal away the overwhelming amount of spare time that I have in my life…

Men, Time to Take Responsibility!

Our kids deserve a responsible father in their life. Sadly enough in todays society, the men in kids life are not their fathers. They are uncles, step-father, or a friend. The role of a responsible father is being abandoned and the damage that is being inflicted on the kids is devastating.

Do You Cycle?

The life that you are living is being watched by the ones that are with you. They hear your words but see your actions even better. It is one thing to talk the talk and another thing to walk the walk!